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Votive Candles are ideal for use in small decorative containers at home or at special events.  Most of them burn for 10-15 hours when used in the proper container.  Some are fragranced for use in more intimate locations in the home, others are fragrance-free for use in larger venues, where fragrance may detract from the festivities.  They can also be used as food warmers, or as luminaria in bags or other containers during the holidays and other special events.

Votive 6 Pack, no fragrance
10 Hour Food Warmer 6-Pack
10-Hour Unscented Glass-Filled Event Candle
10-Hour Unscented Glass-Filled Event Candle
12-Hour Unscented Votive Candle
10-Hour White Votive Candle
Scented Votive
12 Hour Flat Top Scented Votive
Dome Top Votive
15 Hour Dome Top Overdipped Votive
2" Floating Candle
Floating Candle
3" Floating Candle
Plumber Candles 1.25
Plumber & Luminaria Candles 1.25"x5"